Monday, November 6, 2017


Hello! Cindy Tapia Speaking. If you love to write you're in the write spot. I've been writing since third grade. I write historical and crime thriller romance novels with Christian elements out of the religious box. That is, I don't whitewash. My people are true to life. The good are flawed. The   you're in the write spot. I've been writing since third grade. I write historical and crime thriller romance novels with Christian elements out of the religious box. That is, I don't whitewash. My people are true to life. The good are flawed. The bad are nasty. And Evil walks and talks. Seasoned with a dash with naughty, the odd curse word, and the paranormal, but never explicit sex or blasphemy.

Enjoy yourself and come again soon!

Sunday, November 5, 2017

The Write Stuff

"You can fix anything but a blank page."—Bonnie Hill Hearn

So you wanna be a writer. Your brain is crammed with story ideasor maybe just that one that makes you itch to hit the keys. So you take pad and pen or open WORD, tap out 

Chapter 1

and stare at the stark whiteness below it. Because you don't know where to start. That's wannabe. So you detour into writing a masterful table of contents. Each title must be the name of a song, or a book, etc. That's wannabe. 

The first story I ever wrote was a Fanny-Hurst tearjerker in third grade. At fourteen I saw the movie Love Story, which inspired the early versions of A Deadly Spill of Scarlet. I shelved its many versions many times and finally gave up. Years swept by, and I fiddlefarted with White Wolf and a number of other stories. Gave up for good. For a time.  That's wannabe.

What went wrong? Why couldn't I finish these stories? Why did I give up? Because I could not unleash the words and emotions onto paper or screen. It just wouldn't come. And I quit. That's wannabe.

Like everything else writing comes with specific qualities.
The Write Talent

There are two kinds of talent.
  • Unlearned My grandmother could listen to a song once and sit down and play it on the organ. It's called playing by ear. Neither Danielle Steel and JK Rollins have formal writing instruction. 
  • Learned. If you can carry a tune, you can learn how to sing. If you have the desire to learn how to write you can write.well enough to be published.
Of course knowing how or learning how won't accomplish anything without the next two prerequisites.

The Write Skill

The door to writing skill is reading. 

Yet many budding writers admit they don't like to read.  I don't understand. If you don't like to read why do you want to write? I always had a stack of books checked out of the library. I played hard outside all day and read into the night. I was one of those oddballs who stood in the hall with a book under my nose during breaks. I read Stephen King's Salem's Lot during breaks at work, picked it up with supper, and finished it at 4:30 am. Had to be up by 6:30 am to go to work, but I was too scared to sleep. Now and then I'd read a book and think "I could write that better."Danielle Steel's Vanished comes to mind. Or I'd read a story that inspired an idea
of my own. Rosemary Roger's Sweet Savage Love series, Francena Arnold's Not My Will, John D. MacDonald's Travis McGee books all inspired me.

Reading ups your ability. You learn how to communicate and observe, grasp logical thought and problem solvingcause and effect, understand narration, verb tense, Point of View and voice, character development and world building, description and dialogue, a working knowledge of spelling, grammar, punctuation, word lust and how to employ these elements in your writing. Take an English comp course at your local collage or an online workshop; bookmark The Purdue Owl or buy a grammar book.  If your story is a historical you will need an Etymology Dictionary for word origin. You don't want to use "Okay" before 1838 (though Kevin Sorbo's Hercules used it in the TV series).And you might be surprised what was used.

The Write Attitude

The bulldog gonads to chomp down and hammer your story outeven if it reads like garbagebecause you can’t edit a blank page. To write for writing's sake, not with dollar signs dancing in your head. To Write against all odds of being published. To write because it's the breath of your soul.  

In 2005, my husband bought me a computer. I wanted a website. But what kind? I decided to create a fan page which morphed into a Brandon Lee resource. Then I created another about my hometown's history told through the eyes of my childhood. The words flowed because I was writing about something I knew. And it turned out to be good-writing practice. In 2015, an old friend advised me to write a novel. But I did it! Not with A Deadly Spill of Scarlet, but with Dress Her in Chameleon. It was a long, heartbreaking, pain in the ass, but I kept pounding the keys. 

One day this will happen to you, too. You type Chapter 1 and a single word a few lines down. And then you add another word and another. And pretty soon you have a sentence... a paragraph... a page... a chapter. It might gag an editor, but you have something down on paper. And you keep editing it and editing it. That's writing. In the wise words of John D. MacDonald, “If you want to be a writer you write.” Point blank and period.

Get Started and write on!

Friday, November 3, 2017

Where Do Stories Come From?

Call it a desire to write. That fits fine. But I agree with Cathy Cash Spellman's epigram in her historical romance Paint the Wind: "A story seeks out a writer who's worthy of giving it voice." (Paraphrased)

What are the preconditions of being found worthy? A love of reading and a lust to create worlds of your own.

How does a story seek you out? An idea will form in your heart. You can jilt it and be miserable the rest of your life, or you can marry it and conceive books.